Wednesday, April 3, 2013

what we're working on

This week, we don't have a lot of new stuff we're working on -

More collar restraints. She seems to be getting the hang of this now and she loves her pink squeaky ball, and so doesn't launch forward as much while I'm holding her, but certainly pulls back... She seems to also be understanding that she needs to launch forward into a run when I let go- I'm going to video this, but it doesn't seem like she needs to take a stride before beginning to run any more.

Cik/Caps- As always. Still working on driving forward. I'll keep shaping them inside for tightness, and outside I'm going to keep on working on her running into the wrap, but I might start adding a bit more distance now that she seems to be getting it.

Tunnel drive- Now I'm on holidays I want to start curving the tunnel while still getting full speed running. Husband said we can get a tunnel or two (a real, solid, heavy-duty one!!) so I might order that and then she'll be able to go full speed through a curved tunnel- right now, I reckon my tunnel is too flimsy to be able to do it properly.

Stays with distraction- I gave our stays a bit of a break while working on collar restraints but she's really quite good for a pup... of course, doing them at the park, with other dogs around, while playing with Mal, etc etc... all these are things we can work on together with her stays.

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