Thursday, February 14, 2013

settle, petal.

Is this how we sleep on the couch? I've never done it before..

I've been having a bit of difficulty with getting Lumen to settle. We've had her 4 months now, and she was a GREAT stay on her- if I do it in a formal way, and has learnt pretty well that if I'm chopping things in the kitchen, that when she lays down behind me, she might get fed (and I know she's doing it for the treats, because if I don't cough up she starts to stretch herself out nice and long, tail wagging hopefully, squashes herself into 'frog' and generally tries to free-shape without pulling out all the big guns or getting up from her drop). But one thing I hadn't been able to do was just relax with her, out of her crate, of an afternoon or evening, in the lounge. Crazy. And I don't want to necessarily 'teach' her to settle, cos sometimes I need her to be revved up and savvy, but at the same time, I was really getting sick of having to crate her every time I wanted to, I dunno, write a blog post or watch TV. Otherwise, outside she'd go, where I know they both just wait at the back door to come in.

So yesterday I had the day off (strike!) and didn't do much more than usual, in fact, I'm not sure she even got a walk in the morning, just that I was able to hang out with her till 9, then popped her in the bathroom, came home, trained and played a fair bit, then chilled out on the couch. And it didn't take her long, but soon enough she was on the couch chewing a bully-stick and then... falling asleep.
I had to take photos as proof. Usually her crate is set up and open so she'd go put herself in there, but I hadn't given her the choice...

At first, it was like she wasn't sure what to do- she laid down and squished her snout against my arm- is this right? Should I sleep here? And grew sick of that as she got too warm and moved her way up and down the length of the couch from then on, finally stretching herself out long and lean on her side on the floor.

And this is how we spent most of the day, until about 4 in the afternoon- alternating between couch sleeps and floor sleeps. 

I'm hoping it's not just a one-off occurrence!

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