Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Lu is losing teeth, big time.

And I must say, that I'm beginning to appreciate what a stellar puppy she is. 

Right now, she's chewing very contentedly on a bully-stick on her bed, and so far (touch wood), all remotes, shoes, cords, electronics and so on are intact, sans teeth-marks.

Outside, she's been busy chewing sticks and, when she can find them, plastic plant pots (most of which have been removed by now). I know, I know, sticks can be dangerous, but honestly, it's better than chewing the sprinklers, or the plants (could be poisonous) or whatever. 

We're getting down to the wire with her teeth now- just the molars left to go, and a couple of pre-molars on the top (I think). 

I mean, this 5.5 month old puppy is moving from the dog bed to her mat to chew her bully-stick - she's not even doing it on the carpet!!! Mal could learn some lessons from her, I tell you. 

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