Monday, March 4, 2013

a touch of class

Just a nice picture of the pups for the header...nothing related to the post.

Husband and I have been toying with the idea of me starting my own training classes. I've learnt so much from doing Foundation with Lumen that I feel very confident in being able to pass on that knowledge. 

Agility specific clubs here in Melbourne are full- there's 12-18 month waiting lists to get in with a Foundation dog. Everybody in the agility community knows me and what I did with Mallei so I have a good reputation as a dog trainer already... 

I've recently been doing small-group classes with another trainer and I feel like there's parts missing that I would really benefit from, or, which would be better done as a pre-agility/puppy class, and then a bit more of an advanced foundation class...

So I have lists of what I'd teach, and I feel like it'd be a really successful program that could be tailored for different people, and because there'd be essentially pre-foundation and foundation, you could either do more equipment, motivation, speed and turns in one (which is what we'd like to be doing) and more shaping, tricks, stays, games and playing, etc in the pre-puppy. 

As I'm planning to take a few Silvia Trkman classes, I could also work in what I learn from those to my own sessions, and since nobody here has taken her classes as far as I'm aware, that would be totally new and different. 

I already know people who would be interested in coming, and have access to a large client base through friends and other dog people... I could charge people $20-25 a class, and after a few lots of classes should have paid off the equipment I would need to outlay for (some nice jumps and actual proper tunnels would be a good start, followed by a dog-walk (I'd want to encourage running and it'd be great to have my own DW to practise on before trailing!))... I need to find somewhere that I can hold the classes in the evening- so an oval with lights somewhere, organise insurance... I think it'd be fun...!

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