Sunday, March 3, 2013

tricky tricks

A prize-winning trick at the Lost Dog's Home Petfest.

I thought it might be fun if I made a list of all Lumen's tricks, because some of them are hilarious, and it would be good to know what we need to work on, and it would be fun to take photos of them and have like, a photo dictionary of tricks.
Of course, being only 6 months old, these aren't perfect, and wouldn't necessarily be performed in high-stress, high-tiredness situations, but I can usually get them to happen if I want.

The basics

Stand (not great at this one)
Stand for exam
Shake (both paws)
Wave/Right (wave is the left paw, right is.. the right paw)

A bit tricker
Roll over/Play dead
'Nose' (Paw on nose while on back)
'Beetle' (Legs straight up in the air while on back)
Sit pretty
Stand up
Stand on feet and walk forwards and backwards
Pray (front feet on arm, head down)
Back up
'Bang' (Roll over dramatically from a sit)
Scratch (Hind leg scratch behind ear)
Weave through legs
Go around legs
Cik/cap around an object
Nose touch
Paw targets
Stretch (lay on stomach and 'superman' front and back legs)
Frog (lay on stomach with back-legs out at sides like frog legs)
Close drawers
Push a skateboard

Handstand (against hand, wall or upright thing)
Lift one or other rear leg.
Flip to either side.
Heel stuck to side.
Reverse figure-8
Lift both legs (at the moment up on a cushion or whatever)
Lift leg on someone (hahaha)
Get in a suitcase
Take (object) and put in box.
4 legs in a bowl
4 legs standing on pods.
Feet in shoes (progress to shuffling forward)
Kiss (meant to be a lick on the chin but ends up being a punch on the chin with her nose)
Leave it

Working on...
Chase tail
'Itchy' (scratch tummy with back leg while standing)
...Um.. we'll call this, 'scratch and bite' (laying down, scratches ear with back leg while biting her tail)
Lick lips
Cross paws
Sneeze on command
Snorkle on command
Yawn on command
Dog cavaletties (walk in boxes without demolishing them)
"Fleas!" (Sit and scratch behind ear)
Don't chase cats.

Wrap up in blanket
Dive into blanket
Shame/hide (hide nose under paw)
Hold it (hold an object in mouth)
Put one bowl into another bowl.
Cross-paw walking
Sit pretty to stand up back to sit pretty
Hold on to paw/toy/pole with front legs.
Hold your front leg in mouth.
Speak (maybe... she just gets a little enthusiastic about this one and doesn't do anything else if I click it)
Maybe 'beg' with paws down instead of in the air.

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