Thursday, March 14, 2013

product review: JW hol-ee roller

I've always wanted to do a product review, and I'm guessing we've spent a couple of hundred dollars trying to source the perfect and most motivational toy for Miss Lu.
Everything from tug ropes including real fur or fleece (extremely against my ethical beliefs as a vegan, but I'm willing to try anything and the fur one is apparently sourced from op-shop fur coats, neato), different balls and plush, or not-plush toys... flying disks, flying rings, and a myriad of others..

I have 2 toys in circulation at the moment that seem to get 'the best' out of Lumen, and I'd like to write a review of the one I'm using the most.

Keep in mind, this post is not sponsored by anybody, I'm just writing this because I think it's a great toy, and anybody trying to get into dog sports needs a toy their dog is super enthusiastic about, and in this case, the toy is super versatile, too. Big plus!

I'd seen Silvia Trkman training with a version of this toy initially, so I thought I'd give it a go.
Hol-ee roller in action. Look at that stretch! Look at that tug!!

I bought the 'medium' size which would be better suited to a border collie I think, as Lumen's lower jaw often gets stuck in the holes already, and she's still meant to get bigger. That being said, she doesn't mind, and just pulls it off with her foot or manages to spit it out.

The best thing about this toy, as I said, is its versatility. You can throw it, tug on it, skitter it around on the ground, all without your fingers or hands being chomped on (Lu likes to tug and tries to play with a traditional tennis ball. Uh, no). This is the toy that Lumen has actually managed to learn to TUG with. She was an average tugger before, but she puts all her strength into tugging this one. I think she can get a great grip with her teeth (ropes she's always found a bit hard to grip- a bit slippery) and because it's rubber, it's sort of bouncy and stretchy, meaning no jarring when she tugs back.

Because it can be thrown, brought back and tugged, this opens up a great amount of possibility for games - if she lets go during the tug, I'll throw it, keeping her prey-drive high.. I can throw it as she comes out of a tunnel, or use it as a target to latch on to after a tight turn.
It seems very sturdy for my girl, though I wouldn't leave a serious chewer alone with it- she'd have no inclination to destroy it - and despite all the full-on tugging we've been doing, I haven't been concerned about it breaking from being over-stretched at all.

Price was pretty reasonable, I guess, given the price of most toys and tug-ropes. If you compare it to a tennis ball, sure, it's going to come out more expensive.

I bought mine from Game on Dogs, who have a huge selection of great toys for motivating your dog. I also got my 'lamb tug' from there too- our other favourite.  Check it out if you're looking for an affordable, versatile toy for motivating your dog!

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