Thursday, March 7, 2013

restrain yourself

I began watching the Foundations Fun DVD last night from Silvia Trkman. She suggests the first thing you need is a really good restraint, to get the dog to drive forward, first to a toy being waved in the dog's face, then to a rolling ball, then to a stationary toy... Eventually this translates to driving forward through the tunnel, getting extra speed, etc. 

Well... I started working on this more with Lumen last night. I figured she already had a good 'ready' response, knowing something was about to happen, but hadn't done a lot of restraining her. 

For context- it's been about 30-degrees more or less for the last month or more, with one day dropping down to mid-twenties. So... it's hot. It's been hot for a long time. We're all sick of the heat. Our house is hot. Playing with her makes us both hot... so, it's probably fair enough that she isn't that into the game right now because we're all too hot...

But... Now, being the obsessive paranoid that I am, I'm worried that I've kind of trained her out of 'pulling' to get what she wants... and now I have to go against that training to try and get her to pull in order to get to a toy... And she's interested, and she wants it, but she just watches it... and she'll pounce on it when I let her go but she won't pull back and get crazy excited... In fact, I still don't know what the 'thing' is that makes her super excited... maybe there isn't a one thing, I don't know. 

So... I'll keep trying, and when it gets cooler maybe I'll have more luck. 

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